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Please call us to schedule an appointment.

North office: (512) 836-3210
Central office: (512) 472-1381
South office: (512) 447-4993

Prior to appointment, please download, print and complete the first six forms on the Patient Forms page. This will save you time!

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We have three convenient locations to better serve the Austin community. Enter any address into Google Maps for easy to find directions.

North Office
12201 Renfert Way
Suite 335
Austin, Texas 78758
Phone: (512) 836-3210

Central Office
1015 E. 32nd
Suite 308
Austin, Texas 78705
Phone: (512) 472-1381

For the Central office: Park in garage 3 - located off of the access road on IH-35 and 32nd. Take elevator up to the first floor from parking garage. Once off the elevator, turn right and go to next set of elevators. Take elevator up to the 3rd floor. We are in suite 308.

South Office
4007 James Casey
Bldg A Suite 220
Austin, Texas 78745
Phone: (512) 447-4993

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Please call us to schedule.

North office: (512) 836-3210
Central office: (512) 472-1381
South office: (512) 447-4993

For further information, click HERE to view our Contact page.

Unless otherwise instructed:

You may shower the day after your operation – leave skin glue alone. No swimming or submerging in water for 10 days. Drive a car when pain-free and off of pain medicine. Regular diet. Non-strenuous activity until the first post-operative appt. Avoid hot, sweaty, dusty, dirty conditions, or lifting greater than 20 lbs.

Be aware that having an operation and especially taking narcotic/opioid pain medicine can cause constipation. Take a laxative or stool softener daily, or drink apple or prune juice at meal times.

Apply ice to the operative site as directed.

Return to work as instructed by your surgeon.

Call any of the office numbers during business hours. Your call will be handled by one of our medical assistants, followed by notifying the doctor for any further instructions as needed. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to return your call unless you state that you need immediate attention. After hours, the call will be routed to the medical exchange and the doctor on call. Use of the after hours line is usually reserved for the rare circumstance that involves a pressing, or emergency issue.

You will be evaluated by your surgeon to confirm or determine what your diagnosis is, then discuss your treatment options. It will be determined if a procedure is needed, or if an in-office procedure is appropriate. All major operations and some other more involved procedures are best performed in an operating room or at a hospital due to need for anesthesia, perssonel, or technical resources.

Please print out and fill out all forms prior to appointment.

Please also bring your insurance card and ID. If you have any co-pay it will be due at the time of service.

If you have had any tests or procedures pertaining to the condition we are seeing you for, please discuss this with our appointment secretary when you make your appointment.

To download and view forms, click HERE.

Contact your insurance company to find out if you are within our network and if you need a referral to see one of our specialists.

We practice with all area hospitals and surgery centers within the Austin area. We take into consideration your insurance network and your location when scheduling your operation.

Prior to surgery, our scheduling department will contact you with payment information and benefits for surgeries that are scheduled.

If you have a question about your bill, call our billing department at (512) 472-1381 ext. 103.